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70% increase in leads

New competitors had entered the market, driving up cost per lead. Plus, the business aimed to reduce their reliance on lead brokers and drive growth through digital marketing.


Using targeted PPC and conversion-based landing pages, we identified which leads were valuable and refined our approach. Once proof of concept was certain, we used Paid Social, SEO and PPC, alongside a strong CRO campaign aimed at driving down the cost per activation metric.


SEO activity increased the number of keywords on page by 75%
Using CRO, we increased the on-page conversion rate by 36%
Able to drop other off-line channels and invest budget with paid search

What the client thought

Digby Fullam, Marketing Manager

“They are a real extension of our team, not just an agency. They bring a level of expertise that we don't have in house which has helped drive great performance since we started working with them.”

Jennie Green
Head of Marketing
Right Fuel Card
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